Monday, April 21, 2014

Jon Hamm to Justin Beiber; From One Shithead to Another ... Oh and Jon Hamm might be a pedophile.

Jon Hamm - who doesn't really want any of you to look at and/or poke fun at his long'esh skinny cock -  just wanted you all to know that he's not the only attention seeking shithead in Hollywood ...  Okay?!

 "Please watch my upcoming movie. It's really good."
(It sucks.)
"Oh, and I am not a money-grubbing attention seeker either. So, there."
 "Oh and another thing ... just because I hang out with young celebs and make fun of some of them, does not mean I'm a pedophile."


Image and link snagged from Celebitchy.


Friday, April 4, 2014

Classic James Franco....ya know, when (always) being a creepy old perv and all.


Dear James Franco,
While it doesn't fail to surprise me that you and the likes of MOST slimey, gross ass-grown ass men (and other hard up, bored PEDOPHILES), I have to say that you actually take the cake on this one.  Yes, even you.  I mean really.  Social media?? Celeb? HOTEL? Seventeen?? Social MEDIA?
Even if it's all a PR ploy to get people to see another dumb movie of yours, that's just not a very smart, crafty move.  
To think I allowed myself the time to watch you in any movie that obviously Rogen and McBride was in. And to even think I was willing to overlook your pining ways of getting other people's money via Kickstarter when you had millions of your own damn money. You my dear, constitute the very definition of a douche bag. And you're not even that funny. Not really anyway. Unless you have Rogen and/or McBride with you. But nope, forget it.

This doesn't look creepy at all.

Because there's nothing like 'FRESH' TEEN PUSSAAAAAY

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

This Mother Fucker Just Keeps On -- gettin on my da'ggon nerves.

Gotdamn, if this guy was any less attractive, he would be stoned to death.
Problem is, he's too stoned.
But that's Alraght, alraght-alraght-alraght-alraght-alraaaght!
You can always turn on the mute button and still enjoy the scenery and tan. 

Motherfucker won an Oscar no less. 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

I'm surprised this stupid bitch lasted three months.

After three long YEARS, according to Politico (and this better not be a hoax!), Piers Morgan is capote.

According to PM(S), it's the polarizing gun issues he's taken...and being too British.

No shithead, it's your na├»ve logic on how to ask tough questions---with nothing but loaded questions. Nothing I hate more than snarky dumb people who pretend to be witty and clever. Okay, it's also because he's British.

Even his underlings can't seem to contain their joy.
Image snagged from
S'ey YA.

Monday, January 20, 2014

J-Law, can I have what you're having?

I hear Adderall is the shit these days. Maybe they can help me focus on actually writing more snarky, snarling pithy about your stupid personality immature and bad attempt at comedy disorder.

Unfortunately, I just can't focus quite well when it comes to being irritated over and OVER again by the same silly, vapid fuckwits these days in celebrity-dumb...(even if some are only in their early twenty-teen years). Oh btw, the SAG and GG awards were much of the same o'l same stroke fest of overrated versions of what American media elites deem as talent. I might have laughed and T and A once. After all they are the only so-so funny white comedians in America, am I right? THANKS small business owners of the Foreign Press. Thanks for giving me another reason to pay over a 100 bucks for my cable and internet bill.
Movie theaters? Forget about it!

But for now, since I have no connections on getting Adderall at this point in time, I'll just post this vid of J-Law pretending to have a crush on yet another guy who's maturely and intellectually WAY out of this vagina-armpit phobic-FAT-bat shit Golden Globe's winner's league...who thinks she's still worthy of ingratiating herself for the cause. I guess Damien Lewis appreciates J-Law's selfless ratings boost for Homeland. Not that he and the show really need it. "Thanks but no thanks, Jenn...please, can you just, heh, ha ha ha... please..ha ha ha... STOP." says Damien Lewis' brain. 
Damien is gutless...because the money and stroking is just too ah-mazing to pass up.

"What?" They killed off J-Law's favorite character on a show that she obviously hasn't been watching anyway HEARTLAND???  Neither have I, because Claire Danes loud, obnoxious whining is as annoying as Jennifer Lawrence's bullshit over phobias/armpit fat and on who ever she has a secret crush on. At least for this week or so.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Fucking Christ! Stop doing this to me!

"Bitch, please."

"Do ya really think...

...I need a cocktail?"
I'd like to get load of his cocktail...but alas, this sexy beast no longer drinks.Wonder if he'd need one after meeting me for a drink? Probably...but at least I'm not as stupid and tasteless as Kaiser from who assumes that this God is "too bulky" for her tastes.  Because Kaiser is your average shit head yenta who thinks skinnier is manlier. (Yo, Kaiser, you will never bang Butler or this one anytime soon in your next three lives!) 
I can only say KUDOS for this sexy manly man for his openness on depression and being homeless. Once, I was homeless for an entire week, after my mother kicked my 26 year old ass out after graduating with the WRONG Master's degree and wanting to get work in ATL as a lab tech out of sheer desperation.  So, I moved to South Florida and became a glorified maid on yachts. The rest is history.  And that is why I'm in NYC, still having my three year old book (less than 200 pages) edited before I become rich enough to move to LA and score something like Joe Manganiello.  No man in Hollywood can match his manly-MESSNESS. The man is a gift for all women of all races and ethnicities! Someone from the USA channel save this man, PLEASE!!!
Images snagged from (of course) this to:

"His struggles with addiction and depression: “If you knew the way that I was, [my recovery] is a miracle.”
Embracing one’s weakness can lead to success: “The actual six weeks of workouts in the book are the ones I used to go to the next level for my first shirtless scene on True Blood. I want people to find their motivation, whatever that is. Everybody’s run up against blocks and will have setbacks and failures. What I’m asking everybody in the book is to revisit those, to concentrate on those. Don’t run away from them.”
On entering Carnegie Mellon School of Drama: “There was no Plan B.”
Derailing his early career in 2000: “My brain, my body weren’t at 100 percent. It’s a very competitive field, and if you’re not at your best, with clear eyes, showing up ready to compete, you might as well not show up at all.”
He was homeless & depressed: “You get to a point where you’re gonna start getting better or you’re gonna kill yourself. I was in so much pain, but I wasn’t willing to end my life.”
He got clean in 2002: “I [knew] I’d hurt myself so badly, but realized I’d also hurt people around me. That’s what made me want to get better. But anybody who has ever fought with addiction or knows somebody who’s been in the grips of it, it’s not that easy. At the beginning, it was just about not using. The alcohol was not my problem — the alcohol was my solution to the way that I’d felt my whole life. My problem was me. My problem was reality.”
On scoring True Blood: “Divinity had a hand in it.” Upon hearing the news, Manganiello called his parents, then “laid down on the floor and breathed, let out the frustration of the past eight years — the years of not working because of my drinking, and the years of thinking my dreams weren’t going to come true. At that point, I knew I had a shot again, that there’d be a second act.”
On preparing for his wolf role: “I’d always worked out for certain roles, but this was bigger than acting, bigger than True Blood. This was my chance at the life I’d always dreamed I could have. I was going to show the universe and the business and anyone who knew me that I deserved it.”
On filming crazy scenes: “I think in most good, classic theater, there’s always a scene that makes you think, ‘Oof, how am I going to do that? That’s scary.’ But most TV and film is really safe and boring. True Blood keeps you on your toes.”
On all of his semi-naked roles: “I wanted to really say goodbye to the word ‘potential,’ and what’s come out of it is this string of shirtless, naked and seminaked projects. Somebody told me once, ‘You ride the horse the direction it’s going.’ If it’s going that way, that’s great. Someday I’ll be 60 or 70 or 80 and I’m not gonna be able to rock a thong. I’m gonna get it in now while I can.”

Sunday, December 8, 2013

No worries, Benedict Cumberbatch: most women with uteruses will never want to 'squeeze your bunny'.

I can assure you.




Snagged from Celebitchy and Kaiser's horrible taste in men.

"Actor Benedict Cumberbatch has revealed that Sherlock fans are some of the most dedicated.
In fact he stressed in an interview with The Independent on Saturday’s Radar, “They don’t teach you how to deal with that. I had a friend who once squeezed her rabbit too much until it started to squeal and she thought it was kind of going, ‘I love you’, when it was really saying, of course, ‘You are the reason I’m dying’.
Cumberbatch, 37, also said that the fans – even the non-obsessive ones – are the reason he loves the show.
“But what I love about the show is that there are lots of people who weren’t outside the hotel today equally excited to see it and are just waiting for it as a quality piece of television.”
“The problem, of course, is he [Sherlock] uses social media and it gives a platform for this fan fiction, which is really creative but it’s not really what we’re doing… It’s part of the love people have for the show even if a few of them are quite fanatical about it.”

I dig how this guy tinkers on what he thinks of his millions upon millions of stalkers fanatics.  Because he apparently does have millions upon millions of stalkers fanatics...many who actually want to strip his ass butt naked and jump those vulpine bones of his.  But sadly, like many independent movies out there,  sometimes vulpine features aren't such a good thing either.